TRS Beagle

The TRS Beagle is a retrofitted destroyer-class vessel currently operating in human space as a cruise liner under the captaincy of Silas Leuthold and manned by its loyal crew of Terran Republic Naval Police retirees. It is currently making a jump to JP-324. The ship can hold and sustain approximately 380 people in relative comfort for about a month before needing to resupply. At the moment, there are 360 acknowledged passengers, one displaced scientist and one Kristof onboard.

Of those traveling on the ship legitimately, 75 of them are crew members. 25 of the crew work in engineering, taking three daily shifts to ensure a minimum of 8 individuals are on active duty at all times. At least four will be monitoring or working in the actual engineering department at all times, while the remainder may be pulled away to service maintenance requests elsewhere on the ship. Engineering is run by Fuiriel “Fury” Talagan, a young adult Eldarin on her pilgrimage.

Hospitality is split between cooking and housekeeping which employ 15 and 25 crew members respectively and is overseen by Rafum Ukat. The cook staff is primarily occupied during the ship’s day cycle, seeing to the preparation of the ship’s formal meals thee times a day, as well as stocking the cafeteria vendors with simple meals and snacks should any passengers become hungry during off-hours. There are three night cooks, who work overnight to see that the dining and preparation areas are clean, start preparing the day’s meals and to work any room service requests that might come down from first class. Housekeeping staff oversee every non-mechanical aspect of maintaining the Beagle, provide services to customers and can act as passable security enforcement in a pinch. They are also most active during the day cycle, but several members will also work evening entertainment. Overnight, there are 8 active members of housekeeping, two assigned to each of the third and second classes and four for first class.

The remaining 10 members are composed of 8 members of the navigation and communication crew, who work on the ship’s bridge under the supervision of the pilot, Fredric Winklepleck and the ship’s owner-captain Silas Leuthold.

The current passenger manifest includes 286 passengers.
70 First Class, including 30 servants, Fifth and Andrew’s Character needs a name.
85 Second Class, including 20 cutthroat mercenaries loyal to Fifth. There are 5 empty cabins scattered throughout second class.
131 Third Class, including Alan Kel and Kristof. There are 15 empty cabins, mainly concentrated in areas adjacent to engineering.
Arthur does not presently have lodgings aboard the Beagle, preferring to dose heavily on stimm and examine the design of the Beagle.

In addition, the Beagle is presently towing The Sable Sword by special arrangement.

TRS Beagle

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